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Liquid Ketamine Suppliers, Medicinal products are used to induce loss of feeling and consciousness and to induce sleep in patients undergoing surgery. Liquid Ketamine Suppliers us study the treatment of nerve pain caused by chemotherapy. Ketamine hydrochloride blocks pathways to the brain that are involved in pain sensitivity. It is a type of general anesthesia. It is also called Ketalar.


Note: Barbiturates and ketamine hydrochloride, and also which are chemically incompatible due to the formation of precipitates, should not be inject from the same syringe.

If the dose of ketamine hydrochloride is increase with diazepam, the two drugs should be administer separately. Do not mix ketamine hydrochloride and diazepam in a syringe or vial. For more information on the use of diazepam, see the WARNINGS and DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION sections.

Preparation of the dilutionLiquid Ketamine Suppliers

KETALAR is a clear and colorless sterile solution. Prior to administration, parenteral drugs should be visually inspect for particles and discoloration, whenever the solution and reservoir permit. Discard if a product is discolor or contains particles.

Induction of anesthesia
Do not inject KETALAR 100 mg/ml intravenously without proper dilution. Dilute KETALAR with an equal volume of Sterile Water for Injections, USP, 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP (normal saline), or 5% dextrose in water. Use immediately after dilution.

Maintenance of Anesthesia and also ketamine liquid

To prepare a dilute solution containing 1 mg of ketamine per ml, aseptically transfer 10 ml from a 50 mg per ml vial or 5 ml from a 100 mg per ml vial to 500 ml for injection at 5% dextrose, USP, or 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP (normal saline) and also mix well. The resulting solution will contain 1 mg of ketamine per ml. Use immediately after dilution.

When a fluid restriction is require and also, KETALAR can be add to a 250 ml infusion as describe above to achieve a KETALAR concentration of 2 mg/ml.

KETALAR 10 mg/ml vials are not recommend for dilution.

Dosage forms and strengths
KETALAR injection is a transparent, colorless sterile solution available in multi-dose vials containing either 10 mg of ketamine base (corresponding to 11.53 mg of ketamine hydrochloride), 50 mg of ketamine base (corresponding to 57.67 mg of ketamine hydrochloride), or 100 mg of ketamine base (equivalent to 115.33 mg of ketamine hydrochloride). And also

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200 mg / 20 ml (10 mg / ml) and also
500 mg / 10 ml (50 mg / ml)
500 mg / 5 ml (100 mg / ml)
KETALAR Injection is a clear and also, colorless solution supply as the hydrochloride salt in concentrations equivalent to ketamine base, as follows and also:

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50mg/10ml, 100mg/10ml, 500mg/10mg


10 Vials, 25 Vials, 50 Vials, 100 Vials, 150 Vials, 200 Vials