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Firstly Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic used in human anesthesia and veterinary medicine.

Dissociative drugs (Buy Ketamine HCL Crystal Powder) are hallucinogens

Secondly, that causes a person to feel detached from reality. Much of the ketamine sold on the

street has been diverted from veterinarians’ offices. Ketamine’s chemical

Thirdly structure and mechanism of action are similar to those of PCP.

A short-acting dissociative anesthetic and hallucinogen commonly

Fourthly used in emergency medicine. It is the prototypical dissociative, and

In addition, is widely used at sub-anesthetic doses recreationally. Small doses are too psychedelic experiences: the “K-Hole.”Dissociatives are mostly NMDA receptor antagonists, these substances

As a matter of fact, is hallucinogenic but different than psychedelics. As per the name,

these substances create a distance between the user and reality.

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Also, Do NOT use ketamine if: you are allergic to any ingredient in ketamine

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Dose Insufflated

light                 20-50mg
Common 50-125mg
Strong             125-175mg

Duration         1-2 hours

Onset              7.5-20 minutes
After Effect     1-2 hours